Potty Police: Rockwall Could Follow NC’s Lead with Bathroom Bill

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ROCKWALL, Texas -- There's been a lot of talk about "bathroom bills" lately, and now Rockwall, Texas is joining the conversation.

Rockwall's Mayor Jim Pruitt introduced an ordinance Monday that would make it against the law to use a multiple-occupancy restroom that doesn't match the gender on your birth certificate.

It's a lot like the bill stirring up controversy in North Carolina where concerts and conferences are being canceled in protest.

Finn Jones of Arlington, Vice-President of Trans-Cendence International, says the proposed law is discrimination, and the impact goes way beyond the boycotts.

"Right now, the North Carolina suicide hotlines for transgender people -- the number of calls has doubled," Jones told NewsFix. "I can't even begin to start with what's happening in our community right now."

Jones says these restroom rules create fear on both sides, by making trans folks out to be predators, and forcing them to use restrooms where they feel unwelcome.

"They're creating an us-vs-them society right now," Jones said.

And it's a confusing us-vs-them too... Whatever "potty police" Rockwall plans to have enforcing the proposed law would put Finn in the ladies' room.  Which doesn't seem like it'd go over very well.

"I as a transgender man, my birth certificate is not legally changed yet.  That puts me in the women's restroom," said Jones. "I'm a nice guy.  I don't think anybody wants me in the women's restroom."

Hey, no one wants their toilet time to be more embarrassing or awkward than it already is, or to open the door to predators, but if Rockwall wants its citizens "to be secure from embarrassment and unwanted intrusion into their privacy" -- as the ordinance claims is its goal -- maybe the best thing to do is not embarrass folks by intruding on their privacy?