MsDallasMaven’s 5 Exotic Edible Insect Tasting at Meat Maniac

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Photo: Hillary Juster Edible Insects: Meat Maniac

By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

Maybe you’re not Anthony Bourdain, but you’ve always wondered at least a little bit about the most far-flung kinds of cuisine. We wanna know, what do bugs taste like? You may not realize you can find out for yourself right here in the DFW area, at the Plano store, Meat Maniac. We went along with local foodie and Dallas expert @MsDallasMaven to sample some of Meat Maniac’s most exotic and tasty insects.

MsDallasMaven asked all of your most burning questions and brought you back all the sweet deets on which bugs to chomp as a yummy party trick, and which to leave to Mr. Bourdain and the other culinary adventurers.


The Hippity Hoppity BBQ Grasshoppers

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MsDallasMaven started the taste test with Meat Maniac’s Orthoptera Mix, which comes with a variety of BBQ flavor grasshoppers and crickets. With cricket protein all the rage these days, this seemed like the right place to start.


MsDallasMaven Defeats the Hopper With First Bite

MsDallasMaven took her first bug bite of a big BBQ grasshopper. "It's not bad," she said. "I was telling him I like the seasoning."


Snack on Bugs Like Sunflower Seeds


When I heard that there was a bug that even @Meat_Maniac himself hadn't tried, I had to try it. I'm a daredevil, myself! They tasted pretty good! They were the size and flavor of sunflower seeds, and you could eat them like a snack.

What were they? Stink bugs!


Farm-to-Table Bugs

MsDallasMaven asked what we all want to know. How do you prepare bugs from your backyard or garden?

Don't do it! You never know what they've been getting into.


The Rhino Horned Beetle


Clearly the most stunning bug that we tried, the cheese-seasoned Rhino Horned Beetle takes a little bit of preparing to be able to eat it. You should remove its head, legs, and wings to ingest. This was a pretty big bite. While it reportedly wasn't too bad, it also is not for the beginner.

You get to keep the horn though. That's a sweet trophy!


There goes the earthiness!

When she tried the house cricket, MsDallasMaven had a great first impression. "Mm!! That one was easier to eat than it looked like. Same flavor [as the grasshopper]." Then came the somewhat unique aftertaste. "There goes the earthiness. I think we're all done here everybody!"

She laughed and so did Morgan. Then he went on to chomp down a bunch of bugs. Yum!


Zebra Trarantula Crab Legs


The delicacy of the day award goes to the legs of the Zebra Tarantula. They tasted like a soft shell crab or shrimp, and actually can be dangerous for those with shellfish allergies. Pop these in your mouth for the ultimate in cool party tricks. No one has to know how secretly yummy they are!


So, How Else Can You Eat Edible Insects?

Try sprinkling them on your salad or pizza for a low-carb, high-protein crunchy boost. You can always just snack on them at the office and make your co-workers fear and admire you. Pretty much the possibilities are limited to your culinary imagination.


Ready to Try Some Bugs? We're Giving Them Away!


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We can't wait to try what's next!