Dalila’s Leftovers: Samson’s Gourmet Hotdogs

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DALLAS -- Hotdogs with ketchup and mustard are a thing of the past. Samson's Gourmet Hotdogs is loading on the goods, making for some decorative, and equally delicious dogs. NewsFix took some time out of Chew on This, to give them a try.

The three on the menu? The Elote Dog, one of the Samon's specialty dogs for the month. The Smoker's Delight, a fan favorite of artist Andre 3000. And the Veginator, a veggie dog that won't make you miss meat.

In addition to vegetarian options, Samson's also has something for those looking for vegan vittles. From the vegan brisket made with seitan to the vegan mac and cheese.

Hungry yet?