WATCH: Dallas Woman Approached By Random Dude Questioning Her Gender

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FRISCO -- There once was a time when running into the wrong restroom was pretty embarrassing! But, these days some people are pushing for bathroom signs to be flushed away right along with the shame.

Take Target for example,  ever since the company announced that it will start letting transgender people use whatever bathroom they want things have gotten messy. An online petition boycotting the companies new policy has reached over a million signatures and counting.

While unsatisfied customers across America are fighting for change or not, Dallas resident Jessica Rush claims these bathroom problems happen frequently for her. In a video uploaded to Facebook, Rush is approached by a random guy while entering a public restroom in Baylor Medical Center at Frisco.  Rush told Newsfix that she initially felt afraid until she realized the stranger thought she was really ... a he!

"Wait what did you say," Rush is heard asking the man at the beginning of her recording.  He then replies, "I was going to say when I saw you enter I thought you were ... " ... "A boy," Rush finishes the man's response.

In another video Rush recorded, the man explains how he was trying to protect his mom from what he thought was a dude walking into the women's restroom. Rush says the isn't the first time she's been mistaken for a guy, but it's the first time she was able to catch it on camera. She also told Newsfix her gender is sometimes questioned because of her short hair and/or the way she dresses, which is usually in basketball shorts and baseball caps.

"You know it's difficult, of course, you're dressed like a man, so yeah ... you're dressed like a man," the man says as he walks off from the confrontation.

Either way you look at Rush's situation and others, it seems like America will have a hard time washing it's hands on the controversy.

Check out what comedian and TV host, Bill Maher thinks about all this bathroom talk (about 5:30 in):