Class Act: Lancaster Senior Lands Prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship

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LANCASTER, TX — Whenever graduation season rolls around, we always look for a future leaders in that bunch. But they aren’t usually so apparent as Darius Brown, our Class Act of the Week, brought to you by Time Warner Cable.

Darius is a senior at Lancaster High where he’s been a member of the football team, as well as the student body vice-president.

But it was just recently that he made his biggest splash, receiving the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship.

“It was a rigorous process. We did eight essays, had to do a resume, had to do transcripts, awards and honors. It was a lot,” Darius described. “The process and the application took probably 3 to 4 months.”

It was time well spent, though, as the scholarship will pay for his entire college education… and has him dreaming big.

“After my undergraduates, I will probably go to law school for my graduates and possibly become a lawyer in hopes to become a politician over time,” he said. “Strive for social equity, equality for all people, all races.”

Darius is the first student from the district to ever receive this amazing scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and that has those around him gushing with pride.

“Words can’t explain, because Darius is actually why you do what you do as far as education is concerned,” said Edwin Wilson, the Vice Principal at Lancaster. “You want to see other students like Darius be successful, because I think most educators come to work, want to see the fruits of their labor and that’s what Darius is an example of.”

And now he’s an example to his entire school.

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