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Rude Awakening: Fort Worth Family Survives Morning Drive-By

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FORT WORTH - Most of us wake-up to the sound of an alarm clock, which can be annoying, but is much better than waking up to the sound of gunfire. That was the scene early Thursday morning as a woman and her 92-year-old mother were awakened by a drive-by.

Ruth Boatley says the shooting came as a shock in what is normally a quiet Fort Worth neighborhood. “Long as we've been here, who would've thought? We don't bother nobody. For them to shoot up like this here and shooting over my mama's head while she's in the bed, that was the world's worst," Ruth said.

Cops say an estimated 20 rounds pierced the home while the two were inside, but miraculously both women escaped without even a scrape. The family believes the shooters shot up the wrong house and hope that they are caught soon.

In the meantime, Ruth plans to take some much deserved time off. "I'm not going to work today," she said.

Yeah, we think Ruth has definitely earned a sick day... or two.

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