Rah, Rah, Really? University Shamed for Cheerleader Do’s and Don’ts Flyer

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SEATTLE, WA -- Ladies, want to be on the Husky Cheer and Dance Team? Make sure you have your spray tan handy!

The University of Washington posted a flyer on Facebook advertising how women should audition for the squad. Let’s just say, it wasn't anything to cheer about.

The flyer shows a skinny blonde with helpful arrows pointing to different parts of her body, telling females what to wear and offering makeup do's and don'ts. It also states candidates should be physically fit and show off that midriff.

It didn't take long before the backlash began on social media with one person tweeting, "Thanks UW for setting women back 100 years!”

Others pointed out the obvious, “Asking for natural tan/spray tan or peachy glow is exclusionary to POC (people of color) regardless of current squad.”

The flyer has now been removed by the university after they determined, "Some of the details and descriptions provided were inconsistent with the values of the UW Spirit Program and Department of Athletics."

These are some #squadgoals that spell out F-A-I-L.