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Baby Penguins Make Splash in Dallas Zoo Debut

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DALLAS -- It was the march of the penguins Wednesday morning at the Dallas Zoo.

“Today, we actually celebrated the first swim for our two penguin chicks. They’re about three months old, and we just put them out in the pool. Mom and dad came out for a little bit along with the older sister," said Sprina Liu, Curator of Births at the Dallas Zoo.

That’s right, the new additions are taking their first penguin plunge.

“They did great. Their first drop in the water was a little bit ungraceful, but they quickly learned, got in and out of the pool pretty quickly, so we're pretty happy with how they did,” Liu said.

Once these chicks got in the water, they didn't waste time, but this was a test run to see how they’ll do when they’re introduced to the rest of the penguin posse.

“That’s going to happen in the next week or so. We’re going to let them out in the exhibit in the morning, let them get in and out of the pool. Make sure they’re comfortable getting in and out okay, and then introduce them to the rest of the group,” Liu said.

In the meantime, this crowd will have a chance to see these guys swim around.

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