Uhh… Did Snapchat Secretly Open an Office in Dallas?

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DEEP ELLUM -- It's no secret, Snapchat is one of the most popular phone apps out there. Just send a pic or video to a friend and POOF! It's gone forever -- or so they say. But what is secret is whether Snapchat opened up a hub in Dallas.

Yeah... who knew?

But before you go try and snap their new spot, you'll have to find where it's at first. So, we went on our own ghost hunt and came up with a few clues.

 : We got word they already set up shop at Genius-Den Dallas in Deep Ellum last week.

 : Genius-Den markets itself as a "business incubator" for professionals to grow their business and since Snapchat's headquarter's is all the way in Venice, California, it would be genius to grow right here in Texas. Big D is definitely Snapchat-worthy, right?
: The Genius-Den building may look like a garage from the outside, but we've been inside before and it's actually filled with everything you'd need to run a social media operation.

Yeah ... that's about all we got!

Leave it to Snapchat to stay under the radar and go ghost on us! I mean, the whole disappearing act is kind of their thing.