Show Your Soft Side: Anti-Animal Cruelty Campaign Kicks Off in Dallas

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DALLAS -- They say dogs are man's best friend, but it seems there are people in Big D who are dumping their friends. Nearly 100 dead or dying dogs have been found dumped in a square mile radius near Dowdy Ferry Road.

And there's more, just ask Mary Spencer. She's on the board of the Dallas Companion Animal Project.

"Over the last few years, several dogs that have been doused with gasoline and set on fire," Spencer told NewsFix. "The dog that was set on the stove..."

Yikes.  While the City Council tries to figure out what they can do about all this abuse, one organization is bringing a "hearts and minds" campaign to the city.

It's called "Show Your Soft Side," and it features celebrities and athletes like Texas Rangers legend Pudge Rodriguez showing that even tough guys have a soft spot for animals.

The campaign's slogan?  "Only a punk would hurt a cat or dog."

Ya know, we can think of a few... stronger words for people who torture animals... but this campaign is kid-friendly for a reason.

"A lot of these situations are kids - children who think it's cool to hurt animals," Spencer explained. "And that's the target audience."

"Show Your Soft Side" has been educating kids and adults alike in Baltimore, Maryland since 2011.

"Dallas would be the next logical large city, based on animal cruelty needs," said Spencer.

Wow, how embarrassing is that?

There's a very real problem here, y'all.  Here's hoping SYSS's billboards are part of the solution.