Wylie’s Blanket Loving Lion Shows Off Pawsome Skateboard Moves

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WYLIE, TX -- Who would have thought there'd be a superstar in Wylie, Texas?

Wylie's In Sync Exotics is a wildlife preserve that specializes in really big cats.

"A lot of the cats that we get here are close to death when we get them," said In Sync's Vicky Keahey.  "So we have to nurse them back to health."

One tiger named Cincinnati grew up in a cage so small, he didn't even know how to run before he got to Wylie!

But maybe the coolest cat there is a 2-year-old African lion named Lambert.  Lambert's not just king of the jungle... he rules the halfpipe, too!

There's video of him as a cub, the first time he got his paws on his custom skateboard.

"He was poppin' wheelies and scootin' the thing around," Keahey recalled. "And he still does it!"

But this freewheelin' feline has another claim to fame, too.  He can't sleep at night without a blanket.

Aww... a skateboarding lion that loves his blankie?  Pretty darn cute for an animal that could tear you to shreds if he felt like it!

He's gotten a lot of attention for it online, and that's a good thing for his feline friends, too.  Since InSync's a nonprofit, all the animals there depend on the public's attention and donations.

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