Pot Nuggets: Colorado Releases Report of Effects of Legalization

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DENVER, CO - As we embark on another 4/20, a comprehensive report about the aftermath of Colorado's decision to legalize recreational marijuana has risen from the ashes. The state released the report Monday, and some of the findings are definitely buzz-worthy.

For instance, while the number of summons for driving under the influence of weed has actually decreased in the state, the number of fatal wrecks where a driver tested positive for marijuana has increased 44% in the first two years of it being legal.

Also of note is that since legalization, it's not the kids who have been smoking more pot; it's the kids' parents.

In 2014, nearly a third of people in Colorado aged 18 to 25 had used marijuana within the last 30 days; a 5% rise from the year before pot was legalized in the state. The rise was even greater in adults over 26; their use went from 7.6% to 12.4%.

But even though kids aren't using much more weed, they're getting put in handcuffs at a higher rate because of it. The report found a slight increase in youth arrests for marijuana and a 34% increase in pot arrests in schools.

So those are the latest weed nuggets. Feel free to put them in your pipe and smoke ‘em.

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