Wild Weather: North Texas Towns Look Like a War Zone

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WYLIE, TX — Smashed cars, battered roofs and shattered windows. There’s no doubt about it, after a weekend of wild weather, Wylie looks like a war zone.

“My truck’s totaled. My wife’s car, they’re saying they’re probably going to total it,” Wylie resident Ray Cash told NewsFix. “And the insurance adjuster, I talked to said he had not come across one car here in Wylie yet that he hadn’t totaled.”

Yeah, round one brought hail that ruined those cars and punctured rooftops. Then round two brought heavy rain that poured straight through those holes!

“We had stuff that shorted out like our smoke alarm,” said Cash. “So we got a lot of work to do, man.”

Meanwhile, down south of Weatherford, floodwaters have advanced in and forced folks out of their homes.

“It’s not good, I know that much,” said Kenneth Fisher, standing on his back patio with his wife Jessica, overlooking their flooded backyard. “Hopefully, it doesn’t get much higher.”

And the rising waters had rescue crews scrambling on speedboats.

“We got a report from our alarm office that said there was a family of approximately four members that are kind of stuck out there and they need help getting off their property and getting back to dry land,” Parker County Battalion Chief, Donald Schauer told reporters.

But through it all, the flooding and the hail, these tight knit communities are standing together through the storms.

“I was up at Home Depot, we saw lot of people from the community, people were hugging each other making sure everybody’s OK, people coming together at different people’s houses,” Cash said. “You see neighbors on peoples roofs. It’s been pretty cool. Tough times but people pull together.”