Wild Night Changes Volunteer’s Mind About Moving Tent City

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DALLAS -- Dishambra McQueen knows first hand what it's like living on the streets. She lived in her car for about a year. Now, she pays it forward by treating the homeless to high class service.

“We’ll get them hair cuts, we’ll have a BBQ for them, we have a DJ live, so pretty much we want to give them the experience that we have in our world and bring it to them," McQueen said.

She says at night, "Tent City" comes alive with more people awake than asleep, almost like a giant party going on.

Dishambra says there's noise from cars, noise from music, yelling and screaming. She says the experience changed her view about moving Tent City.

"I did see a lot of things that could cause problems, with the fighting, I heard people getting choked," McQueen told NewsFix. "Maybe if they could balance it out, maybe we could get rid of the bad people because the good people, this is their home."