‘The Originals’: Lucien Sets Stage for Major Character Death

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Strap in, “The Originals” isn’t slowing down as it rockets to its Season 3 finale. As many fans already know, there is speculation that a main cast member will be departing at the end of the season.

After Zap2it previously gathered evidence that seemingly pointed to the demise of Camille (Leah Pipes), Lucien (Andrew Lees) may have set in motions the events that will lead to her death. At the conclusion of the April 15 episode, “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs,” he sunk his teeth into Cami’s arm, creating an interesting situation.

After infusing a werewolf venom into his own blood, Lucien has become some manner of superpowered hybrid that’s going to be hard to stop. Now he’s spread whatever it is to Cami, though from the sound of things it’s not going to make her all-powerful.

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A description of the next episode of “The Originals” reads, “Following a violent encounter that has left Cami’s life hanging in the balance, Klaus is forced to rely on his family and allies to find a cure as he keeps a watchful eye over Cami at the compound. With time running out, Freya turns to her arsenal of spells, while Vincent and Marcel head to Cami’s apartment to gather a crucial ingredient.”

With only four episodes remaining in the season, it sounds like Cami’s time may be short. Especially when you consider that a photograph from the season finale script reading showed Pipes nowhere in sight.

Will she make her exit sooner than everyone thinks?