Tax Freebies: Number Crunch Over Free Lunch

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The day many people dread or, in some cases, can't wait for is upon us. Yep, your extra 3 days to file are up and even though this day can bring plenty of stress some companies are making it easier for you to cope by using food therapy.

At participating Hard Rock Cafes, you can sing for your supper in front of the entire restaurant and get a free legendary burger. The self-proclaimed king of burgers has a buy one, get one free deal for their famous Whopper and if you worked up a sweat preparing all your taxes, Kona Ice can help you chill with a free cup of shaved ice.

But even with all the freebies some people still decide to cheat the system. The IRS is reporting a surge in tax scams this year which triggered a study by the National Science Foundation to find out why people cheat on their taxes; the reason seems pretty obvious.

Speaking of money, it turns out they used tax dollars to fund the study, we're talking $600,000! With the government blowing money like this it's no wonder some taxpayers are looking for ways to keep their hard-earned cash.