Sex Out of the City? Exxxotica Gets Its First Day in Court

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DALLAS -- Time is running out for Exxxotica.

The adult entertainment convention was scheduled to entertain the Big D the weekend of May 20th before the City Council voted to ban it.  Exxxotica responded by filing a federal First Amendment lawsuit, claiming they have a legal right to use the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, since it's a public facility.

On Monday, J. Handy, Exxxotica's head honcho, was in Dallas to ask a federal judge for an injunction.  That's a ruling that basically says the show must go on while the lawsuit makes its way through the system.

"Walking out of the courtroom today, I think we were really comfortable and confident in being able to convey our message," Handy told reporters. "And we look forward to hearing what the judge has to say."

Yeah, the ruling could come down by the end of the week, which would help out Exxxotica.  They need to know if their event is coming soon or not.

"This week is really our drop-dead date to be able to fully produce the event," said Handy.  "Fingers crossed, you know, I'm gonna go home and sit by my email and phone until I hear."

No matter what happens, the city has already spent nearly a quarter million dollars in legal fees to keep sex out of the city, according to council member Scott Griggs.

And if the city loses, taxpayers may have to pick up Exxxotica's legal tab, too.  Yikes!

But for now, the ball is in the judge's court.

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