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College Baseball Players Call Obama ‘Watermelon Eating Baboon’

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Saint Louis University baseball players are under fire after a screen shot of a texting conversation surfaced showing racist remarks about President Obama.

But the team is only under fire from society. The school says it was a private conversation and not a bias-related incident and therefore, there will be no formal discipline for remarks such as, “I heard they got a colored running the country.. This Tru?” and “F**king watermelon eatin baboon.”

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The conversation took place on a team trip last May to Washington, D.C., according to Deadspin, where several teammates were texting about where to eat.

One of the players in the conversation apparently thought it was funny enough to send a screen shot to his roommate, Brenden Twomey. Towmey’s girlfriend, Dominique Morgan, saw it on his phone in March of this year and the pair decided to file a complaint via the school’s incident report portal.

After not hearing anything for a week, Twomey and Morgan sent the screen shot to the university’s Black Student Alliance. The group’s incoming president, Jonathan Pulphus, posted it to his Facebook page, with an open letter.


The purpose of this post is simply to raise awareness about some recent (within last year) anti-black actions that took place from members of the SLU Baseball team towards Barack Obama I was informed about that occurred on campus from a peer that is dedicated to bringing it to light, Dominique Morgan (see below). Work is being done to plan around this recent event – stay tuned.

This for me and other black folk is the tip of the ice berg.”

SLU Dean of Students Mona Hicks told The University News it was a private conversation.

“If I were to directly state to you, ‘You suck because of all of your social identities that God gave you.’ That would be wrong. That would require some adjudication. We also need to respect laws. This was a private conversation, or at least the perception of private between in-group parties.”

Team captains wrote an apology letter to the student newspaper and the team has agreed to facilitated dialogue with the Black Student Alliance,

“The leaders and captains of the team would like to extend an apology to anyone offended by the bias messages. We, too, are frustrated and feel that the comments do not accurately reflect the values that we hold.”

Twomey told the River Front Times his roommate, the one who initially sent Twomey the screen shot of the conversation, has moved out.

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