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Texas Keeps the Tax Burden Low

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Benjamin Franklin once said it best: there are two things certain in life: death and taxes.

And for the latter, Uncle Sam is coming knockin' to take his cut from your past year's income. By midnight on Monday, it'll all be said and done.

But if you live in Texas, it turns out good ole' Uncle Sam isn't as "interested" in  you, so to speak, as most other states! According to WalletHub, the Lone Star State lands itself at number 41 (the bottom 10) when it comes to the total tax burden.

What's this tax burden? WalletHub says it includes property taxes, state income taxes and sales and gross receipts taxes. And for those keeping score at home, that total tax burden for Texas is 7.67%.

Compare that to the states with the highest burden (New York topping the list at 13.12%), and that's a lot of money in the bank for us Cowboys!

Because even if you'll always have taxes to pay, at least in Texas, you certainly don't have to spend your life savings to pay them!

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