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Rain Pain: Wylie Homeowners Getting Soaked

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WYLIE -- Those forecasts we've heard over the past several days have been right so far. The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch through Tuesday morning for most of North Texas.

And the rain is already starting to make driving a bit more difficult, as is evident by the aftermath of a wreck on I-35E Sunday morning that NewsFix cameras caught. So be careful out there if you have to venture out of the house.

But for many in the Metroplex, this kind of weather is what they experience every spring.

For others, though, particularly those hit hard by the recent hail storms this rain is different. It's much more of a burden.

"Right here we're looking at water pouring out of our air conditioning vent from the heavy rains because our roof and house got messed up in the storm last Monday," explained Stephen Miller, a homeowner in Wylie.

Many, like the Miller family, have nothing more than a few tarps covering their belongings from the torrential downpours.

"Tomorrow we're going to come and put more tarps on the roof to try and stop the rest of these leaks," said Miller. "But it has us really concerned since we didn't expect the storm that we had last Monday. So now we'reĀ  kind of afraid to do anything because we don't know if it'll be messed up again."

The storms are also keeping roofers like Kirk McCoy of ASAP Roofing busy.

"We're covering the whole roof to try and make sure that there are no more open areas where water can get inside the house," said McCoy.

But in true Texan form, life goes on, AND those impacted by the storms will find a way to make it work like they always do.

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