Weather Roundup for North Texas and Beyond

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FORT WORTH -- As the DFW area braces for some heavy rain in the coming days, other parts of the country are already being walloped by storms of their own.

Heavy snow in the Denver area was wreaking havoc on airline passengers Saturday. Several airlines canceled flights  into and out of Denver International due to the storm. In all, nearly 800 flights have been canceled. And who can blame them? The area is expecting 9 to 16 inches of snow thru Sunday.

In Oklahoma, clean-up is under way after at least two tornadoes made their way through the panhandle Friday evening. Luckily, there are no reports of any serious injuries.

Back here in North Texas, the forecast is calling for rain, rain, and more rain. Some locations are forecast to pick up 6 to 7 inches when all said and done. So don't forget that umbrella on your way out the door. It'll probably come in pretty handy over the next several days.