Life-Saving Potato Chip Uncovers Woman Has Cancer

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MARYSVILLE, Wash. — We know potato chips can be a lifesaver when you’re absolutely starving! But a Washington woman says eating a potato chip actually saved her life!

Yep, Kristine Moore says it helped uncover a cancerous tumor in her left tonsil.

Moore loves Ruffles potato chips, so much so that she claims to have eaten them every day for the past 20 years. In February, she was getting her daily chip fix when a sharp piece poked her tonsils, according to KIRO 7 News.

The next day, she felt like she was coming down with a cold. The doctor tested her for strep and it came back negative. Her tonsil didn’t look right, though, so they took a biopsy. T

Moore said doctors found squamous cell carcinoma, which is most likely caused by years of smoking.

“The potato chip was a blessing in disguise,” Moore said. “I probably wouldn’t have found out another year.”

Moore said she has since quit smoking, but will continue to eat her daily Ruffles potato chips, “I know I shouldn’t eat this many, but I love them.”