Fishy Burger: Sushi Burgers are the Newest Foodie Fad

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TOKYO -- From "Food Porn," #WDYET, #kaleyeah, there's no doubt social media is obsessed with food. The good, the healthy and the crazy.

And there's nothing as crazy as the latest trend right now: the sushi burger.

You read that right -- a burger made of sushi. And it seems like we have Instagram to thank for that.

Food lovers rejoice, these babies have rice buns with all your fave fixings in between -- from avocado to salmon, even spicy mayo.

This may be something new to us, but one Japanese fast food chain, MOS Burger, has been dishing these creations out since 1987, before some of you were even old enough to say wasabi.

Now sushi burgers are just another crazy way the burger is getting a makeover. Have you noticed what's going on?

Who decided we needed things like the "Angriest Whopper" Burger King recently rolled out. A fire red bun with hot sauce baked into it.

Or that black bun burger? Another Burger King creation that left some eaters with a "dark" experience in the john.

And then there's North Texas' own Dugg Burger. It has a hollow bun made to stuff with copious amounts of toppings.

Yeah, it's hard to keep up with this burger brew-ha-ha. It all sounds a bit "fishy" to us!