‘Eye of the Collector’: New Exhibit Opens at Perot Museum

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DALLAS -- Another brand new exhibit is opening at the Perot Museum this weekend.  One that features a collection... of collections!

"They're fabulous collections of objects and areas of interest that people in the Dallas area and North Texas have collected," said Randy Best, who collects items meant to take visitors "back in time."

"It's not so much the items themselves that are what's important," said Dr. Anthony Fiorillo, the museum's VP of Research and Collections and chief curator. "It's the idea of collecting."

Yeah, and among the wide variety of items on display -- from diverse dolls to ancient artwork, from Beatles to bicycles -- is a selection from the world's biggest collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

"This is very exciting to be with other collectors," said Steve Sansweet.

Sansweet's full collection is in the Guinness Book of World Records!

"I share my passion for Star Wars, and that's the fun of the collection," he said. "The multi-generation of Star Wars as well makes it very, very special."

It also features a display dedicated to America's Team!

"There's some of the real iconic items in the collection like the Landry fedoras, and the Staubach game-worn jersey," said Cowboys collector Bob Bragalone. "Brings back the memories of childhood, back when the Cowboys were perennial winners."

"I feel like if there's one reason why people collect, it's out of curiosity." said Dr. Fiorillo. "It resonates with them, they're curious about it, and they want to learn more."

Hey, if you're curious to see what other hidden treasures are buried in these crazy collections, the Eye of the Collector exhibit will be open this weekend through Labor Day.