DFW Frenchie Fanatics Steal Our Hearts

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DALLAS-This week's Subculture has gone to the dogs! DFW Frenchie Fanatics share their love of French Bulldogs with Newsfix.

President and CEO of DFW Frenchie Fanatics Carrie Corcoran shares why she started the group.

"I wanted to meet other Frenchie owners in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area and there we a couple of meet up groups bu they weren't active at all so my friend Caroline said why don't you start your own group," said Corcoran.

Each gathering is hosted at a different location but one thing stays constant, there's always lots of Frenchies to entertain the masses.

"Each one has their own little personality some can be kinda lazy some can be kind of excited, its depend on where you bought the dog ," said Corcoran.

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