6 Unbelievable Dallas Drinks You Can Literally Eat

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Image Via Instagram: The Rustic Dallas

By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

You may have noticed an interesting drink trend going around lately. What stands out isn’t the drink itself, but rather what’s on top, maybe a doughnut and potato chips, or maybe a slider and shrimp. This delicious idea to basically put a meal on top of your beverage hasn’t missed Dallas either. We’ve got some exceptional examples of unbelievable drinks you can literally eat right here in the Triple D.


The Bloody Mary Burger

At Anvil Pub, the Bloody Mary may be bloody, but so is the burger on top, if you order it rare. Only available during their weekend brunch, affectionately named the F* Brunch, The Bloody Mary comes in three other highly edible varieties.


Would You Like Some Shake With That?


The Donut Shake at Grub Burger Bar appears to defy the laws of physics. How can the doughnut, potato chips, and pretzels float upon a shake like that? Perhaps it’s a flotation device. Whatever the laws of the universe may say, my mouth is saying, “Get in here, you delicious devil!”


Reach Cloud 9 Boba Heaven


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When you visit Wow Bubble Tea and Snacks, you kind of have some expectation of being, well, wowed. They do not disappoint with the Cloud 9 Boba Tea, a drink that comes with its own large cloud of cotton candy. Pick your favorite flavor of tea and a color for your cotton cloud and transport yourself to boba heaven!


Cotton Candy Magic Trick!


Pepper Smash, a craft cocktail and kitchen in Plano, has all kinds of eye-catching beverages. This Cotton Candy Martini comes in both blue and pink and disappears before your eyes as you pour your mix over it. Don’t forget to eat some of the candy before it’s all gone.


Next-Level Sangria for the Flavor-Fiends


If you love subtle flavors and infused drinks, you may need to get yourself over to The Theodore quick. Their porthole cocktails are perfect for sharing and chock full of fruit and spice. While you’re there, don’t forget to try this wild, on-the-bone lamb shank pie. Now that’s a party.


A Popsicle for Every Marg’


Normally when you have a frozen Margarita, you’re probably worried about it melting into soup before you can finish. At The Rustic, they found a cute and delicious solution for this perennial problem. Adult popsicles. A mimosa popsicle will do just fine in a frozen marg, as long as you like it sweet!