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Ruff Life: Brooklyn’s Writing Her Own Superhero Story

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DALLAS -- A painful past can be a prominent story line in superhero stories. Many of them — Batman, Daredevil, Spider-Man and Superman — all were orphaned.

Now, add Brooklyn to that list.

"The landlord no longer wanted these people to have a dog, and so they found a new home for the dog to go to,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. "After a couple days, the new family decided they didn’t want her anymore as well, so they just opened the door and let her out.”

Where does this German Shepherd mix’s superhero story take us from here?

"She was on the streets for two months straight,” Edman said. "Any girl's going to lose a little weight doing that.”

But then, she took matters into her own paws.

"Brooklyn is super kid friendly, and I think that’s why she sought out the school area,” Edman said. "She wanted a few playmates to play with.”

Even superheroes go to school, and Brooklyn showed up at a Dallas elementary. Not a bad play for a nine-month-old pup with plenty of pep.

"She definitely is a high energy dog,” Edman said. "She really would thrive in an environment with dogs and maybe some children and definitely somebody who wants to be active -- walk her, run her.”

Even the best and brightest need to recharge, though, and baby faced Brooklyn likes to hit the hay in a special way with her Dallas Pets Alive! foster family.

"As much as she loves her 6-year-old foster sibling, she loves cuddle and storytime the best,” Edman said. "She jumps on the bed while her foster mom reads them both a book at night and goes right to sleep.”

Orphan origin story: Check.

Superpower — in this case speed and energy: Check.

Now, she just needs a home to show off her super skills.

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