Hundreds Attend Memorial for Stacy Fawcett & Two Sons

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PLANO -- Friends and loved ones gathered in Plano to remember a family now gone. The memorial for Stacy Fawcett and her two teen sons was held at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

The community is still reeling following the horrific double murder-suicide.

Fawcett's mother, Lynn Croft, had a special message to share with Josiah and McCann, Jr's friends in attendance, “Carpe Diem, seize the day. Make your life extraordinary. That's what I want to make sure that all of Josiah's friends and McCann's friends all know that that's what he would want for y'all to do.”

The boys' father gave an emotional farewell to his sons.

“My sons lived, my sons loved and my sons laughed," McCann Utu, Sr. said. "And I know they would want each of us to do the same.”

Fawcett's brother, Scott, says the family doesn't want these deaths to be in vain. That's why they've donated McCann, Jr's brain for further research on the effects concussions have on the brain.

“They've got MRIs. We have MRIs from when it happened. Hopefully, they can see something different between those and what we now are able to physically study and produce something to make all of this worth it," Scott said.

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