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Hail May Cause Insurance Rates To Go Through The Roof

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WYLIE, TX -- Now that the hail storms are over, rebuilding has started.  The Insurance Council of Texas says the DFW area has $1.3 billion in damages in March alone. And that doesn’t include the hail damage from Monday night's storm.  Some homeowners have barely recovered from the March storms and were blasted again last night. “We haven’t received a check and we had to go and make another claim. We haven’t even started work from the first one," said Wylie resident Kathleen Broussard.

Insurance companies say even if you think there was no damage during a hail storm, you should still get checked out because the clock is ticking. “Every insurer is different. A lot of contracts are different but they limit the time you might have to file that claim, it could be a year, two years, a reasonable amount of time. So You really want to review your policy so you don’t wait too long," said Chris Pilcic of State Farm Insurance.

The insurance council says insurance companies were already in place for claims from last month's storms. With so many storms hitting the area, homeowners asked if that will jack up their insurance rates. “It’s the location where you live and the zip code and how prone you are to these type of events. Catastrophes, that component is calculated over years. Not one season, not one storm. So it could be along time before you see any fluctuation over rates," said Pilcic.



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