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Desert Storm: American Lady Arrested for Refusing to Talk to Men

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ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES -- Here's a story that makes receiving catcalls while walking down the street seem like, well, a walk in the park. It took place at the Abu Dhabi airport, and the incident is causing quite the "desert storm."

A 25-year-old American woman was waiting for a cab. That's when she says two men approached her and began speaking to her in a manner she didn't like.

She says she refused to engage with the men, which resulted in her being arrested and thrown in jail!

Even worse, this happened back in February, and she's still behind bars.

The woman is now on trial at the Federal Supreme Court after being charged with insulting the country and its leaders through verbal assault which is a misdemeanor. The U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi has responded saying it's “aware of the case and is providing consular services."

A verdict is scheduled for May 2nd.

Just another lesson in life: when you travel abroad be careful, it can be a whole new world out there.

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