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Daaymn, Dora! Teen Who Voices ‘Dora the Explorer’ Busted for Vaping in School

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NEW YORK, NY -- These days, Dora The Explorer is making one of the worst villains on TV look like a star student! The backpack toting cutie we've all grown to love was reportedly suspended for smoking in her school's restroom.

Ha! Guess Dora is quite the explorer, huh?

Okay... not THE Dora, but the voice behind the kid-friendly cartoon, Fatima Ptacek.

The 15-year-old and another student were caught "smoking" a nicotine-free water vaporizer. Ptacek was suspended for three days after reportedly confessing to the faculty at a private school in New York.

But her friend didn't get off that easy!

In fact, the friend's parents are suing the school for expelling her. According to court papers, the unidentified girl confessed that she'd decided to partake in the uh, extracurricular activity, because she wanted to gain some cool points from Ptacek.

The parents also claim school officials gave Ptacek "special treatment" over their daughter because she's a child star!

They're reportedly asking for her daughter to be enrolled back in the school and unspecified monetary damages.

Okay kids, this is one episode of Dora you don't need to watch.

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