Grav3yardgirl: Getting to Know Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer

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DALLAS -- With over 6.5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, it's safe to say Rachel "Bunny" Meyer is one of the most successful YouTubers on the Internet.

And it all started, oddly enough, because of something bad that happened to her: A car accident.

"I had a friend who knew that I loved makeup and beauty products," Meyer said. Her friend showed her a few videos of Kandee Johnson's, and the seeds to her YouTube career were planted.

One of the more popular questions, at least in the NewsFix newsroom, is -- "Where did the name 'Swamp Family' come from?" Is it because she is from Pearland, TX, which is a suburb of Houston (Bayou City)?

No. Not even close.

"It's so random, but I've always loved that show Swamp People," said Grav3yardgirl. "And that's that. The Swamp Family was born."

Now, about six years later, her signature look (bright red lipstick and blue eyes), along with popular segments on her YouTube page -- like "Does This Thing Really Work?", which reviews "As Seen on TV" products -- have made her quite the success.

"I feel I get more opportunities to do things I'm passionate about, but my day-to-day life really has not changed much," Meyer said when talking about how success has changed her.

Something else that isn't changing anytime soon? Her career as a vlogger. You can expect to see several new videos each week. And you can also expect the Swamp Family to grow larger, with Bunny Meyer leading the way.

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