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Sci-Fi Art Invades Bishop Arts

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OAK CLIFF — The “Urban Bazaar on Bishop” brings together an eclectic mix of jewelry, clothing, accessories and art. But some of the stuff here is literally out of this world, like these H.G. Wells style artifacts over at The Steampunk Ballroom.

“I do all kind of lamps made out of recycled parts,” Ed Kautsch, the owner of The Steampunk Ballroom, explained. “And I do a lot of time machines. Quite functional, actually I made this tomorrow!”

Down a few spots is Red Ranger Ray Guns, bringing Flash Gordon’s favorite weapon to Dallas!

“When I was 12 I built my first death ray and I’ve never looked back.” said Red Massey, “So we take random bits and pieces, and turn them into sculptures you can play with.”

And sci-fi stuff like this can act as a gateway to those who otherwise wouldn’t find art that interesting.

“We have a lot of especially young boys who are very into art, but they’ve got ideas of art as paintings of flowers or whatever,” said Kat Massey, “And then they see this and it’s ‘oh this is cool, it’s more to what I’m interested in!’ and they have a great time with it.”

So if you never had a passion for art, it’s not too late to hop into a “slightly used time machine” and go back to rekindle a little steampunk and interplanetary artistic passion!

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