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Faith, Family Key to Matt Pearce’s Progress

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FORT WORTH, TX -- The road to recovery will be a long one for Fort Worth Officer Matt Pearce. We knew that when he was shot seven times in the line of duty last month.

The officer, described as an ox by his wife Laura, is speeding down that road right now.

“It's just a matter of millimeters for any one of the bullets that hit him that he could’ve been lost in this whole situation,” said church member and friend Gayla Martin. “I've just been praising the Lord constantly for the miraculous way that God has sustained him through all of them.”

Laura Pearce still doesn’t want to do interviews until Matt can join in, but she and her family were back in their safe place at Wedgwood Baptist Church Sunday, and she had only good news to share.

Her husband is now walking with the help of a walker, has been outside in the sun this week, and is able to hold down both food and liquid.

It’s about to get tricky, though.

“We're just waiting now for the next step, which is the surgery that is related to his aorta that was nicked, so to speak, by one of the bullets that went through his body,” Martin said.

It’s up to his doctors to decide if that happens close to home, or if he needs to travel to Houston.

It’s just another fork in the road on a path where he’s taken all the right steps so far, thanks in no small part to his faith and the church family surrounding him on the journey.

“We're gonna continue to seek the Lord on their behalf and just ask God to show off in all this,” Martin said, "that he would be glorified in this terrible situation and that none of this would be a waste."

So say a prayer for Officer Pearce. Thanks for your service.

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