TMZ, Donuts & Selfies: The Most LA Police Chase EVER!

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LOS ANGELES -- A crazy high-speed police chase in California turned into a fancy Hollywood stunt show!

The chase went on for nearly two hours through the mean streets of LA. It all started when a couple of burglary suspects tried to make a slick getaway from cops in the rain -- with a passenger riding shotgun in a drop top convertible Mustang.

Things got so wild, they were doing donuts in the middle of the highway!


And check this out, a TMZ tour bus even tried to put the brakes on these guys, briefly blocking their car on the highway.

But here's the money shot -- the daredevil duo finally decided to call it quits. But uh, cops were NOWHERE around to arrest them! So, in true California fashion, they started snapping selfies with onlookers until officers FINALLY showed up.

Really?! Yep, really.



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