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What Kids Like About Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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If there's anything kids love, it's making a mess.  So why not be able to make a mess AND be creative at the same time?  That's where RoseArt's Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint comes in!  You know RoseArt, they make crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints and more!  Well, their new Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint comes in Neon Jumbo Paint Markers, Neon Washable Sidewalk Chalk, the Glitter Rainbow Roller, and the Spray Painter with Stencils.  And since this is for kids, Eye Opener's Ava Jean tried out the new products with help from her cousin Jason and sister Julia.

Ava's first piece of advice, "The first thing you need to know about all this stuff -- the colors come as powder in pouches and needs mixing with water.  And it's messy.  Very messy.  Just mixing it got everywhere...even my sissy's bottom!  Mixing the colors actually took a while and we needed help from a grown up...little kids can't really do it on their own."

Everything worked fairly well, except the spray painter.  Ava says, "The one downside was the spray painter.  It worked for a minute but got clogged or something, because no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to work after that."

So, besides the spray painter, everything was great.  And even though it makes a big mess, it simply washes away with water.  Ava says, "If you have kids, they'll love this stuff -- just know it's messy AND they'll probably need your help."

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