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How To Be Politically Polite

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Even when it's not an election year,  people get pretty heated about politics.  Whether it's in person, or on social media, there are folks that aren't shy about their opinions. So how do you navigate all those situations?  Just ask National Etiquette Expert,  Diane Gottsman.

She says, "It all boils down to one word: and that's respect."  So what are you putting out there?  Are you being offensive?  Will what you say or post come rub people the wrong way?  Also, are you making points to educate or to just vent and beat people over the head with your opinion?  Or, do you just know people like that?

If you're on the other end of someone's political rant, respect still comes into play.  On Facebook, you can as Diane says, "delete, hide or ignore" and not chose to let their political leanings get to you.  In public is another story, and Diane reminds us that it's okay to step away from a conversation, and even if it's among your friends, and if things get heated, you can simply say, "this is not a time to start a debate."

It's not all about avoid the conversations, but when you do Diane suggest that you "offer your opinion in an assertive non-aggressive manner".

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