Waiting Game: Manziel & Hardy Stuck in Free Agency Limbo

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DALLAS -- If you've been keeping up with Mr. Manziel lately, you know he's been the same ol’ Johnny. But now Johnny Boy has a new grand jury.

The original grand jury finished its term without actually hearing Manziel's assault case. That means the new grand jury, seated on Monday, will hear the case.

Manziel became a free agent when he was released by the Browns in March. So far, no team is showing interest. The delay in his case could prove even more problematic for Manziel's hopes of getting back on the field this season, especially if he gets indicted.

But Manziel isn't the only bad boy hoping to get back on the field.

Former Cowboy and current free agent Greg Hardy gave an interview to ESPN which aired Tuesday. It was supposed to clear the air about Hardy's domestic violence case which resulted in him missing all but one game in 2014 and the first four games of last season.

But it doesn't look like the Hardy did himself any favors.

In the interview Hardy denied ever putting his hands on his ex-girlfriend but also made cryptic comments like, “Saying that I did nothing wrong is a stretch but saying that I am innocent is correct” when addressing the incident.

Hardy even at one point brought up the topic of referring to himself as “an invincible mythological sea creature with white eyes.”

So when it concerns Manziel and Hardy, it looks like the only game they're going to be playing anytime soon is the waiting game.