Ruff Life: Golden Girl Holly Needs a Home for Her Golden Years

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DALLAS -- Holly's a Golden Retriever mix, double digits in age, who has lived most of her life in a loving home.

It doesn't sound too rough so far, does it?

This golden girl's Ruff Life story, though, starts with her golden years.

"Our medical team noticed that she had some hip issues and that she may be suffering from dementia," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

This gal's falling victim to the one opponent we can't escape: old age.

Her former family found a new home, and Holly was left helpless in the shelter.

"We just really want Holly to have a place to live out her golden years in a patient and loving and understanding home," Edman said.

She's a slow mover who gets excited about dinner time and needs a family who will -- like TV's Golden Girls -- be a friend during her final few chapters.

"Just like the eldest Golden Girl (Sophia) on the TV show, she may suffer from dementia and have some hip issues," Edman said, "But she's still lovable and really deserves a place to live out her golden years."

Here is the key detail of this doggie adoption.

Dallas Pets Alive! will pay all medical expenses for this golden gal, giving the positive pooch a home for her twilight years.