Remains Found in Brazoria County May Be Kelli Cox

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BRAZORIA COUNTY -- Search teams digging in a field in southeast Texas may have finally found the answer to a 19-year-long mystery: the whereabouts of Kelli Cox.

Kelli Cox was last seen alive in Denton in July of 1997.

Now, after all this time, convicted kidnapper William Reece led investigators to a remote field south of Houston.

Late Monday, they found human remains, right where Reece said he buried Kelli's body.

DNA tests will take a while, but cops are pretty sure it's Kelli.

Denton police released this statement:

"(We) cannot say definitively that the remains recovered are Kelli Cox; however, we are hopeful that they are. We are hopeful that by providing closure to Kelli's disappearance and justice to the person responsible will help in their grieving process."


It's news Kelli's mother, Jan Bynum, has waited nearly 19 years to hear. "Naturally, there was more of an emotional response of ,'Oh my goodness. This could lead to answers,'" Bynum said.

After the disappearance, Jan raised Kelli's daughter, Alexis, who is now older than Kelli was when she disappeared.

"If she's gone, I wanna know that. And if that's her remains, I wanna bring her home," Bynum said.

It's not the ending Jan or anyone else wanted to this story. But after 19 years, at least it's an ending.