Group Pays You to Watch Animal Cruelty Video

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HURST-- Let's face it.  We're all looking for a way to make a quick buck. Well, one animal rights group will pay you a dollar to watch a 4-minute video.

“The Tour itself has been going on since 2011. We show people how animals are treated how they`re raised here in our food system in the United States,” tour operator Jordan McCann said.

The animal rights group FARM goes across the country paying college students to watch graphic footage taken at slaughter houses.

'It kind of piques curiosity, like, 'Who are these people giving away a dollar to watch a video?'” McCann said

“We were going to go to McDonald’s after this, but probably won`t anymore,” college student Jordan Gray told Newsfix

“I may not consider a vegan lifestyle for a choice but it's probably going to change my view on cutting back,” College student, John Logan said.

“About 80% of people who view this video pledge to reduce their animal consumption by at least one day a week which is phenomenal,” said McCann.

The folks with the tour say they’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback, but there are folks who just can't stomach the footage.

“The (number of) people who walk away is very few. I think if whether or not you’ve seen this stuff, people want to know where their food comes from,” McCann said

And then there are other students who just need some cold hard cash no matter how hard it is to watch the video.