First Female Cleburne Firefighter Passes Muster

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CLEBURNE - Stephanie Pribble has been trying to become a firefighter over and over for the past three years, failing her firefighters test twice.

"She was unsuccessful in passing her physical ability test which really the toughest component of the testing process," said Chief Clint Ishmael of Cleburne FD.

The only thing in her way to being a firefighter was dragging a 170-pound dummy 76 feet in a simulated rescue.

“The first year that I tested, I got him up for a few seconds and I barely moved a couple of feet. The second year that I tested I got him about half way. Then the third year I finally passed," said Stephanie Pribble.

And now she’s making a little history in the firehouse.  Pribble is the first female since 1881 to join the Cleburne fire department, even though they have been set up to house females since 2002. The chief says they don’t take it easy on female or male recruits.

Cleburne’s hiring 11 more firefighters in the next month and are testing in May. The town has even taken a shine to the new female firefighter.  The chief says Stephanie has already launched on her first fire and did all right.