Rio Vista Water Problems Flood Public Works

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RIO VISTA - The town of Rio Vista, south of DFW, says last week their water system had high levels of chlorine and they were getting complaints that the water tasted bad and smelled bad.

“It smells and the granddaughter, when she was taking her bath last night, it was burning her eyes. It was really strong," said Rio Vista resident Genny Watts.

The public works director didn’t want to go on camera with NewsFix, but the mayor of Rio Vista says the system was flushed out and chlorine levels were normal by Sunday night. But complaints were still coming in.

The city says, despite the problems, the water is safe to drink. But it turns out the problems go beyond that. The mayor says now, one of the two wells they have has a broken pump. They say there's a new pump on the way.

But while they wait, the city says they have plenty of water at City Hall just in case, but no water outages are expected.