Looking for Solutions: Conference Aims to Fight Crimes Against Women

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DALLAS -- "Every nine seconds in this country, a woman is assaulted in her own home," Jan Langbein says. "Every two-to-five minutes, there's a sexual assault.  Every 24 minutes there is a homicide.  We're here to not only help solve those, but then help prevent them as well."

Langbein is the CEO of the Genesis Women's Shelter and Support, and Monday was the start of their 11th annual Conference on Crimes Against Women.  1,800 attendees, from all areas of law enforcement, are expected to attend.

The goal of the conference isn't simply to raise awareness, Langbein told NewsFix, but to train and guide the people responsible for actively fighting the crimes.  To that end, a wide variety of experts is at the Dallas Sheraton, to share a ton of information.

"Violence against women is a men's issue," said keynote speaker Jackson Katz. "In particular, what we need is men who are willing to challenge and interrupt other men who are enacting sexism and harassing and abusive behavior toward women."

Other presenters included Lisa Fontes, a senior lecturer from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who spoke about cultural sensitivity during victim interactions, and Brooke Grona-Robb, a Dallas County prosecutor who drew from her own courtroom experiences to talk about the dangers of human trafficking, among many others.

"Cutting-edge best practices, techniques, information will be dispersed," Langbein said. "And make this world a safer place."