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Watch This Chihuahua Lead San Francisco Police on High Speed Chase

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SAN FRANCISCO – A Chihuahua making a run for it across a San Francisco bridge led San Francisco Highway Patrol on a (sort of) high speed chase Sunday — and it was all caught on camera.

After the pursuit across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was over, a CHP motorcycle officer posted video to the department’s Twitter account.

The black Chihuahua was initially spotted on the bridge’s north side, but it ran away when a motorcycle officer attempted to grab it, initiating the pursuit, according to local TV station KNTV.

The dog was eventually nabbed, according to the CHP, which posted in a tongue-in-cheek tweet that included a dog emoji and said the “suspect” was later “taken into custody.”

Suspect. Taken into custody!

San Francisco County Animal Care and Control later picked up the Chihuahua and asked that its owner contact officials at 415-554-6364.

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