Siri Soars! iPhone Close to Hitting a Billion Sales

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CUPERTINO, CA -- There may be no “i” in team, but there's a couple in the word billion -- a figure that Apple's team is about to become very familiar with.

According to Wall Street analysts, the iPhone will reach a billion sales by this summer; proof that the iPhone is still a step ahead of the competition.

Even better news for Apple is that half of all iPhone sales have taken place within the last two years.

For perspective, Apple currently has the top selling tablet and music player and one of the best-selling computers; the iPhone has sold more than all those products combined. Quite an accomplishment for a product that's been on sale for just under a decade.

Apple is no stranger to the three comma club. Earlier this year, the company announced that it had already passed the billion mark for devices in active use around the world.

At its current pace, Apple is on pace to sell 2 billion iPhones by 2020, something that might not be quite a surprise to its creator if he were alive today.

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs described the iPhone in pretty prophetic terms, "Once you use this magical display, there's no going back."