10 Reasons Why Dallas is Better Than Ft. Worth

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By Silke Jasso, NewsCastic

Dallas vs. Fort Worth; this has been the big question, ever since I can remember. Although I am a little biased, (oops), I have to admit that the city of Dallas does have many places that you can’t get anywhere else. The whole city represents Texas as a whole and there is something for everyone.

From parts, museums, to restaurants, you name it! Although we don’t condone favoritism, we are here to convince you why Dallas is your best when it comes to both cities.

Are you hopelessly addicted to the snorefest that is Ft. Worth? Well, to be fair, here’s a piece that might make you feel better.


1. The State Fair of Texas

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The name says it all! What better way to start the list than with a big Texas shout out to Dallas! The State Fair has everything from rides, food, shows, exhibits, and all for a good price! It also has animals for you to feed and pet! Let’s not forget about the giant Ferris wheel where you can sit on at night and view Dallas from above and enjoy a cold beer after a long day! If this doesn’t convince you to love Dallas, I don’t know what will!


2. Ultimate Sports Fanatics

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Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, and Stars…need I say more? From college fans to local teams, Dallas fans are one of the most faithful fans out there! We support our team through thick and thin and are loyal as ever. When people think of Dallas, they think of sports! We will always love our ‘boys.


3. Klyde Warren Park

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Klyde Warren Park is pretty much one of Dallas’ best features. It is a 5.2-acre park located Downtown, full of adventure! From 6 am to 11 pm, the park offers everything from exercise classes, food, games, and more! What better way to enjoy Dallas than outdoors.

This year it actually made the nominee list for “Best City Park” by USA Today! 


4. Our local brewery’s

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Let’s face it, everyone knows that Texas is known for its amazing beer. What most don’t know is actually one of the reasons why! It is full of local brews that offer some of the best beer we’ve ever tasted!

From Deep Ellum, Lakewood, Four Corners, FireWheel Brewing Co, and more! Most Brewing companies even let you taste test and take tours of the factories if you set up a date! If you like beer, then Dallas is your best bet, we are growing every day to make our local scene even better.



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Who doesn’t like brunch!? Dallas is known for their Saturday and Sunday brunch specials, full of sweet, sweet, syrup and delicious mimosas. From Armoury D.E, So & So’s, to The Grape, everything is on the menu for you to enjoy your mid-day delight. I can guarantee you can find a good brunch spot around the corner!


6. …better yet, all food!

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Dallas has a variety of restaurants of all over the world. You can find Korean barbecues, Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican, and pretty much everything you can imagine! Let’s not forget the different drinks that each restaurant offers! From alcoholic, no non-alcoholic, your food dreams can come true in every block.


7. It’s Affordable

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Yes, we’ve all been there. Money can be quite a big situation for most of us. Lucky for us, Dallas is one of the most affordable cities in Texas when it comes to living situations. Looking to buy a house? Come to Dallas. Looking for an apartment? Come to Dallas! Looking for a job? Come to Dallas! We have an unemployment rate of 6.3 % lower than the national average!


8. Unlimited Amout of History

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Dallas is full of history and culture, there is no doubt about it. If you go downtown, you can find a lot of museums that show you the history of how we became a city. Let’s not forget the victorian houses all around the city! My favorite part about it is our tribute to one of the greatest presidents in history.

John F. Kennedy’s memorial is right in the heart of Dallas, and is still one of the most popular museums to this day. We have the Grassy Knoll at Dealy plaza, and the Sixth Floor Museum made from the old Book Depository.


9. Holiday Cheer

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Go big or go home- that is our motto! Dallas always finds a way to spread the holiday cheer everywhere. We even have the largest indoor Christmas tree at The Galleria Dallas, where it is full of lights and a giant star on top, almost touching the roof! We also decorate all our streets with Christmas lights at night, to spread on the Christmas cheer!


10. Night Life

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Dallas is BIG when it comes to nightlife, especially in the Greenville Avenue and Deep Ellum. There isn’t a street that isn’t full of people searching for his perfect bar of venue to go into. You can find everything from R&B, Country, Pop, Jazz, and more! Go out with friends, or brave the night alone, and you’ll find yourself a pair of friends in no time!


We Win!

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Dallas is growing every day, without a doubt. There is so much culture being added, and people are coming over to our hometown! Everything you need is here, from food, to outdoors, to music. The future looks bright for all of us, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Be proud of where you are from, you are part of one of the best cities in America!