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WrestleMania!!!! DFW Becomes Wrestling Mecca for Thousands of Fans

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ARLINGTON -- Jerry World is hosting Wrestlemania 32 this weekend in Arlington, and folks from all over the world are coming to DFW -- ready to rumble.

“We’re in the cheap seats.”

“We probably spent probably $12-13,000.”

“I’m not saying because my bank manager might be watching,” said one group of WWE Fans from The U.K.

“I’m just so excited to be here and break our own attendance record of 93,173 people in the biggest Wrestlemania of all time!" said WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon .

“Dallas is hard to beat for sports; we are going to break a record tomorrow. We'll have more people in that building tomorrow than Jerry's ever had for the Cowboys,” WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair said.

“It’s nothing you can prepare for and neither is a WWE audience. It's forever changing. It is very vocal, very exciting, so that's what makes the event great!” WWE Superstar John Cena told NewsFix.

“The first thing I want to do is get out in that stadium, and see the set. Get in the ring and just feel it,” said Roman Reigns, who will be facing The Game Triple H in this year's main event.

“The difference between a stadium show and an arena show is that in a stadium the noise travels up. So you can be in the ring and you do something that would normally get a huge reaction it feels a little like, 'What happened? Did no one see it? Did it not work?' But once you know that about a stadium, then it doesn’t intimidate you,”  WWE Superstar Chris Jericho said.

Also happening this weekend is the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, and none other than “The Icon” Sting will be going in. Sting says the big crowds never bothered him when he was performing.

“For me, my biggest concern wasn’t the people. I mean, I’ve been in front of a lot of people for 30 years, but just the cardiovascular, you know, the conditioning.”

Hey, we know out hearts will be racing for this event. But for those folks we talked to who have traveled from across the pond, they wouldn't mind seeing this event hit the U.K.

“The only downside is we wouldn’t get to travel to the states and see a different part of it," one fan said. “But it would be cheaper.”

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