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Missing Frisco Mom Found Dead, Kids Alive in Car With Her

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McKINNEY, TX -- There's a mystery in McKinney -- a missing mom found dead in her SUV with her three young children alive in there with her.

How did 39-year-old Christine Woo end up in in a Target parking lot?

This is what we know: She was seen at a Walgreens on Monday, caught on video with her three kids in tow.  Shortly after, she used her credit card at McDonald's.

Monday evening, her husband says Christine and the kids never made it home. He reported them missing Tuesday. He says he thought he had to wait 24 hours before police would investigate and that Christine left her phone at home, making it impossible to track where she was.

Two days into the search, cops found her Honda SUV parked outside a McKinney SuperTarget.  Miraculously, the three kids were still alive, in the car with their mom's lifeless body.

We won't know until sometime next week how she died; cops say there was no sign of trauma.

Was it suicide?  Homicide?  Or a medical emergency?

The only known witnesses are the kids who remain at Children's in Dallas.  They were reportedly dehydrated but otherwise unharmed.

It's a mystery. One that, for now, leaves more questions than answers.

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