Gotcha! Companies Pull Out All the Stops for April Fool’s Day

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DALLAS - It's the day all of us have to tread -- and even sit -- lightly for fear of the dreaded whoopee cushion. Yep, it's April Fool’s Day, which means you can't trust anything you hear or see from anyone -- or any company for that matter.

Like the online reservation app OpenTable. They ran an ad introducing OpenTable Taste, which claimed to have lickable photos. But hey, if you fell for it, at least you now have a squeaky clean phone screen to show for your gullibility.

Car rental service Zipcar ran a gag telling people that they could get matched with the perfect car -- based off nothing but a selfie.

Google got in on the fun with a new product called Google Cardboard Plastic, which amazingly allows you to see the world around you just as you would without using it.

Fashion company H&M went as far as creating an entire fake website for their prank. It featured an entire line of clothing inspired by infamous fashion minimalist Mark Zuckerburg; seven grey shirts and one pair of jeans.

Another fashion inspired prank came by way of Hot Topic. The clothing store showed off a collection inspired by the hit sitcom Golden Girls that was too good to be true.

So on this April Fool's we say, "Buyer beware!"

You've been warned.

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